Chef de Cambuse, cruising and wine


written by Frank, on Apr 19, 2014 3:39:00 PM.

Nach ewigen Zeiten der Blog-Inaktivität erfolgt nun ein Neustart.

Auch ein wenig - Achtung! Euphemismusalarm! - angefixt durch die Teilnahme am großartigen 1. Foodbloggercamp Anfang März in Reutlingen.

Meine Interessen haben sich mit den Jahren natürlich auch etwas geändert.
Ich bin zwar immer noch im Umfeld von UPnP/DLNA oder Home-Automation aktiv, aber hier wird zukünftig viel von meinen Koch-Aktionen und Koch-Experimenten, von der einen oder anderen Segeltörn, Boots- oder Tauchtour, und von diesem oder jenem zu lesen sein.

Vermutlich wird auch das eine oder andere Rezept seinen Weg hierher finden.

Und wenn alles wie geplant klappt, dann werde ich hier nächste Woche von unserer #kanaltour14 auf der Saône von Dole nach Port-sur-Saône berichten.

Hafen in Dole

Fixtures for the next weeks

written by Frank, on Oct 19, 2010 12:40:00 PM.

Some news from this side if my life.

I’ll be at the Samsung Smart TV Developer Day 2010 this week in Frankfurt.

Next week I’ve the pleasure to host a BoF named “Android and Its Impact On Home Entertainment and Home Automation” at this years CELF Embedded Linux Conference Europe in Cambridge, UK.

Returning from ELC-E I will head straight to elektro:camp(<<2010>>).

A barcamp in Kaiserslautern about

  • Smart Metering
  • Home Automation
  • Home Displays
  • …and much more.
It is the first of its kind and I’m really looking forward to this to learn more about and see what the folks from Flukso are coming up with.

And last but not least I’ll be in Munich on November 9th for the Google Developer Day 2010.

Droidcamp Stuttgart 18. - 19. Juni

written by Frank, on Jun 18, 2010 12:38:00 PM.

I’ll be there on Saturday and am particularly interested in the sessions:

  • Android for Business, the Dalvik VM and and the Java language
  • Android and Privacy - I like Android but don’t want to use my Google account
  • Smartspace - Indoor Localisation on Android
  • AndEngine - 2D OpenGL Game Engine
  • AndAR - Augmented Reality on Android

Stranded in San Francisco

written by Frank, on Apr 20, 2010 4:40:00 AM.

Having time to write a post here - doesn’t that sound very suspicious?

But this happens - more or less only - due to being “stranded” in the United States.

I was invited to do a talk about Mirabeau and Coherence at this years CELF Embedded Linux Conference in San Francisco.

Tim Bird and Ueda-san during the closing session of ELC

Following that I had the pleasure to attended the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit, which was co-located with the ELC.

Jim Zemlin - opening keynote LCS

Very remarkable talks in both conferences, met a lot of interesting people and gained quite some new insights.

And being already here I thought of adding one more weekend to do some sight-seeing, exploring the city, watch the annual Northern California Cherry Blossom festival, visiting Muir Woods, which I last had the chance some six years ago.

The one and only bridge
Cable car at Stockton/California
you don't see shops like this very often, and great ice-cream too
sushi & cherry blossoms
stone garden in the Golden Gate Park's Japanese Tea Garden
awe-inspiring trees, been there before the iPad and will be long after that

And along came Eyjafjallajökull.

Not only for me, pretty much all the flights of the European attendees of the conferences have been canceled. As mine was scheduled for todays afternoon I had some hope that it might be just in time for the European air space getting opened up again, but failed. Lufthansa seems to operate as of now at least partially from Frankfurt again, but Star Alliance partner United Airlines decided to keep their planes on ground.

After some first evil tidings - next possible flight to Europe would be 25th, no, 26th, no, hang on, not before 27th - Nadine, event manager of the Embedded Linux Conference - who, together with her team, did a really tremendous job in organizing the conference, managed to get me rerouted on a flight for Thursday 22nd.

Nadine, thank you so much!

Now I unintentionally will get the chance to see some of the United States airports - leaving San Francisco in the early morning, going to Denver, from there to Washington, changing plane there for the leg over the ocean, arriving in Zürich on Friday morning and, one last hop, should be in Frankfurt around noon.

Probably more endurance testing than travel, but never mind, it will get me home. And, not to be sneezed at, within my supply of insulin and blood sugar checks.

With that option available I decided to stay in my very comfortable room in the Kabuki in Japantown, use the wifi here to do some work and maybe even find time to check in some long outstanding Coherence patches, and enjoy some more days of Japanese food and culture.

A trace of Zen
chance encounter
geeky lunch, had even a nicer platter around
Under my umbrella
Do not ask, I've no idea
The art of eating ramen - delicious Karaage Ramen at Suzu's

Suddenly 46 - or was that last year really that short?

written by Frank, on Mar 21, 2010 4:06:00 PM.

That year was crammed - two Coherence sprints, GCDS, particication at Les Trophées du Libre, two talks at FOSDEM 2010, school enrolment of our youngest daughter - the last of four enrolments, now we can start thinking about the first confirmation, being in the parents’ association of two schools, returning to the classroom myself for the boat driver permit - just to name a few.

Not mentioning the things needed to make a living. ;-)

Nevertheless it was a lot of fun and thanks to everybody who had a part in that!
For “the finale” we decided this year to throw a small party to see my birthday in, which was for a small minority of our guests a bit challenging. [Not telling any names :-P]

Hors d'œuvre     Gambas Caribbean

The challenge on my side was the main-course - filet de bœuf wrapped upon filet de veau, based on a recipe by the great Johann Lafer. Nearly five kg of high-class meat, a beaf olive like a lindworm.

filet de bœuf wrapped upon filet de veau, packets of carrots and fine green beans, mashed potatoes

As you can see it worked out really well.

Curious now what this year will bring.

Going to FOSDEM 2010

written by Frank, on Feb 5, 2010 5:50:00 PM.


Actually I just arrived in the really nice hotel in Brussels


after a remarkable unspectacular flight.

Will later meet Philippe for dinner and probably discuss some last-minute modifications - nah, just kidding - of our Mirabeau presentation about creating personal media networks and bridging UPnP over XMPP on Saturday 6th in the Jabber/XMPP dev-room at 16:00 o’clock.

Having dinner before the beer-event is actually quite a good idea™.

I’ll do another presentation on Sunday morning in the CrossDesktop room at 11:00 o’clock titled Coherence - the Digital Living room and beyond.

Stop by if you are at FOSDEM too.

This time I had planned to fly out on Monday evening, to have some time for sight-seeing, but we have decided to take part in the XMPP Dev Challenge.

So probably again no time for visiting the Atomium.


Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

written by Frank, on Dec 13, 2009 1:44:00 PM.

On Saturday morning the kids got up shouting “There is snow outside!”.

first snow flakes

Probably enough in the city to build one snowman, but it’s a start. ;-)

Unboxing confection

written by Frank, on Oct 10, 2009 5:45:00 PM.

I was sailing around Sardinia a few days ago and bought as a bring along some Sardinian sweets - Sorrisi di Sardegna di Mirto, Mandorlini (Pasta di Mandorle) and Bucconettes Mirto.

small ensemble

Besides these handmade goodies being extremely delicious - unwrapping them is already an experience.

a bagful

each wrapped in tissue paper

a piece of art

going to GCDS

written by Frank, on Jul 5, 2009 4:30:00 PM.

Well, not quite yet. Again a heavily delayed fight, but at least not canceled yet.

My plane was supposed to leave today at 13:20, apparently it is broken and they need to get a replacement aircraft over. My confidence in Condor is a bit shaken.
But at least they handed out two 10€ coupons for food and beverages - that will allow me to throw a party here if I can’t make it to the one on the island tonight. ;-)
For the moment I made myself comfortable in a small bistro here with my own power-outlet.

Departure is now scheduled for 20:00, meaning I won’t be in Las Palmas before midnight.

Anyway, hopefully being there ready for the talks on Monday morning. The talk Philippe and I am giving is on Tuesday morning, which I’m now somehow quite happy about.

Pont Mirabeau - an UPnP bridge

written by Frank, on Jun 30, 2009 10:56:00 PM.

What started over a year ago as a vague idea and got more concrete in a first prototype last October, is now ready for a first public beta - Mirabeau, an application level proxy for UPnP devices using XMPP as a transport to establish a connection between two or more local networks over the Internet.

Or in less technical terms, it allows the DLNA capable TV at your parents place to access for instance the images of your last vacation stored on an UPnP MediaServer in your home.

Mirabeau is part of Coherence and utilizes the D-Bus interface there to create a transport layer over XMPP with the help of Telepathy’s tubes.

Philippe and I will give a presentation about it during this years Gran Canaria Desktop Summit.

Mirabeau addresses the issue that UPnP is only meant to be used in a local network. With Mirabeau we are able to easily interconnect two or more networks and the UPnP devices therein. All that with a simple, well-used setup - Jabber, and without the need for complicated VPN-tunnels or similar techniques.

Philippe wrote already about our first successful - world premiere - connection with our two networks in Spain and here in Germany, where we tested the whole infrastructure with the UPnP-Inspector.

What I would like to highlight here is the point that arbitrary UPnP devices do participate in this.
Mirabeau is a transparent bridge for UPnP devices on the application level, not only an ‘I can share my media collection between two instances of the same software’ setup.
Which is of course nice too, but we lifted that to a more higher level and instantly integrate everything that can talk UPnP - PS3, Xbox 360, Totem

Nokia MediaStreamer browsing Phil's server in Spain

An unmodified UPnP application on the N810 - Nokia’s MediaStreamer is browsing Phil’s server in Spain.

And the same by a Playstation 3:

PS3 browsing Phil's server in Spain PS3 browsing Phil's server in Spain

So if you are interested in this or want to know more don’t miss our talk @ GCDS, or join us on IRC freenode #coherence.